My Banana Pi and ownCloud promo material are here

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Hello ownClouders. As you probably remember, ownCloud community had an ownCloud 7 Review Contest and the prize was a Banana Pi for 3 reviews. During that period, I was testing a lot of features and I wrote about ownCloud and Firefox OS. So I was one of the 3 winners. My Banana Pi came just today. The reson for this delay was the fact that I was waiting for the new posters, brochures, stickers etc, that ownCloud sent me.

First of all I want to thank ownCloud for the wonderful prize. Be sure that the next few months, it will be my Guinea pig and you'll see more reviews.

Regarding promo material, I'll try to send all around Greece, to LUGs, hackespaces etc.

Efstathios Iosifidis

openSUSE and GNOME foundation member

I'm Farm Animal Manager and dairy products technician looking for new opportunities.

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